Bugatti T51 Grand Prix painting
Bugatti T51 Grand Prix painting. Acrylics on canvas, 100×70 cm

Wepse model as reference

Adam’s World has recently become worldwide distributor of Wespe scale models. I will use these models as reference for a series of paintings.

The first painting features the Bugatti T51 Grand Prix, I took a lot of photos fram various points of view.

Taking pictures

I made some sketches, to get a feel for the form of the car. Although I really love the view from the back and above, I ultimately chose a more conventional point of view. The side view gave me the room I needed for some atmospheric background.

I like this view, but it doesn’t provide me with space for a background scene
This way the car also looks great and now I have plenty of room for my background as well.

I’ve painted with acrylics on a canvas, sized 100×100 cm. From the moment I saw the scale model’s blue color, I wanted to surround it with orange, red and yellow colors. That’s why I chose to surround the car with a sunset scene. The warm colors provide a nice contrast to the blue car.

To make the orange colors stand out, I primed my canvas with blue gesso.

The next day, when the gesso was completely dry, I started to transfer the sketch to my canvas. I only used raw umber for the sketch. I only use big sized brushes, that way I don’t get tempted to get in the details too early.

Transferring the sketch to the canvas.

When the sketch is roughly completed, I block in large color plains. It’s a base on which I can continue to work on from now on.

First layer of global colors

The more the painting advances, the more I get into the details of colors and form. I start using smaller sized brushes.

Refining, more detail in colors and forms
Toon Nagtegaal